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The first release from Kimono Press, ‘Tortoise Soup’ by Nick Holland, is officially released on April 9th. It is available to pre-order now on Amazon:

To celebrate we have created a book trailer on Youtube with original music from the fantastic composer Tidor Nieddu. We hope that you like the trailer as much as you will like the fantastic new children’s book ‘Tortoise Soup’.




Kimono Press is proud to announce the details of our very first publication. ‘Tortoise Soup’ by Nick Holland is a novel that will delight children of ages 8+.

We are delighted to be publishing Tortoise Soup. It deals with important issues facing today’s children such as friendship, loss, courage and the importance of following your dreams. We hope that the books protagonist, a disabled orphan girl called Ruby, will help children who themselves are disabled or who feel lonely.

Tortoise Soup is a rip roaring adventure, beautifully illustrated by Janine Rumble. It will be released by Kimono Press on April 9th 2013, in both paperback and e-copy versions, and more details will follow on this website.

Kimono Press will be launching further books throughout the year, and alongside this children’s book we will be concentrating on poetry and adult literary fiction. Thank you for joining Kimono Press on this journey, it’s going to be an exciting ride!




March 7th 2013 is a very special day indeed – it is ‘World Book Day’.

World Book Day’s aim is to spread the love of reading, particularly among children. Children’s books are the most important books in the world – they open up a new world of wonder and learning to inquisitive young minds. A book is the best present that you can give a child – a love of literature found at a young age will stay with a person forever, enriching their lives in so many beautiful ways.
It is for this reason that the first book published by Kimono Press will be a children’s book, although we will also be publishing adult fiction and poetry at a later date. There will be more details coming very shortly.

There is lots more information about World Book Day on this fun and informative website: And if you’ve come to this article a bit late and have missed March 7th well don’t worry because here at Kimono Press we are declaring this to be World Book Year!

Join in the fun! Grab a book for yourself today and an extra one too for a special youngster in your life – be it daughter, son, grandchild, niece, nephew or neighbour. There are lots of fantastic books out there just waiting to delight a youngster and in April 2014 there will be another such book fresh from the plates here at Kimono Press!

Happy World Book Day!

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